Lehigh University Ned Heindel moppingNed D. Heindel is the H. S. Bunn Chair Professor of Chemistry at Lehigh University and a consultant on drug development for Azevan Pharmaceuticals. Ned has graduated 40 doctoral students most of whom have entered academia or the health care industry. He has engaged in contract R&D for Astra-Zeneca, Air Products, BMS, Merck, J&J, and Dupont as well as for eight venture capital start-up firms. At Lehigh, Ned teaches general chem, organic, med chem, and organic mechanisms along with three web-mounted graduate courses in a Distance Education program. Ned is a graduate of Lebanon Valley College (BS-1959), the University of Delaware (PhD-1963), and Princeton University (postdoc-1964). He taught at the University of Delaware, Marshall University, and Ohio University before joining the faculty of Lehigh University.

    Born – September 4, l937   York, Pennsylvania

    Married – August 26, 1959 - Linda H. Heindel, PhD, Dean (emeritus), Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA

    President‑American Chemical Society (Washington, DC); 1994     

    Director‑ American Chemical Society (Washington, DC); l985-96

    Director‑ Centcom Advertising, Ltd. (Westport, CT); 1987-95

    Director‑ Council for Chemical Research (Washington, DC); 1995-1999

    Director – Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute (Doylestown, PA) 2011 -

    Director‑ Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry; l981-1998

    Councilor – National Council of American Chemical Society; 1969 -

    Trustee – Board of the Northampton County Historical Society; l989 ‑

    Trustee ‑  Board of Keystone College; l975 ‑ l989
    Trustee ‑ Chemical Heritage Foundation; l986 –1998: Heritage Council, 1998-

    Trustee – Board of Friends of the Royal Society of Chemistry-USA, 1997- 2013  (Chairman 2011- 2013 )

    Member  ‑   Editorial Board of J. Pharmaceutical Sci., (1/1982 - 12/1990)

    Member  ‑   Editorial Board of Bioconjugate Chemistry, (1/1993 - 12/2013)

    Member – Editorial Board of Chemical & Engineering News (1988-1994, 2003-2012)

    Member  -  IUPAC, American Committee (Washington, DC); 1995-2001  

    Member – National Academy of Sciences Chemical Sciences Roundtable; 2001-2006

    Chairman  ‑ Editorial Board Chem. & Eng. News (1988, 1992-1993, 2012)

    Chairman – History of Chemistry Division of ACS, 1978-1980 and 2013-2014

    Consultant‑ STC (OraSure) Diagnostics, Bethlehem, PA; l989 ‑    

    Consultant‑ BioPro-X Pharmaceuticals, Bethlehem, PA; 1995-97

    Consultant‑ Nat'l Mus'm of Am. History‑Smithsonian, DC; l990‑ 2002      

    Consultant‑ Air Products and Chemicals, Allentown, PA. 1991‑2000

    Consultant‑ Apollon Corp., Malvern, PA. 1992‑1999

    Consultant- Digestive Care, Inc, Bethlehem, PA. 1992-

    Consultant- DCV Pharmaceuticals, Wilmington, DE. 1998-2000

    Consultant- Kibow Biotech, Philadelphia, PA. 1998-

    Consultant-Chaperone Technologies, Scranton, PA. 2004- 2009

    Consultant- Azevan Pharmaceuticals, Bethlehem, PA,  1999-

    Consultant- NitricBio Therapeutics, Bristol, PA, 2007- 2009



Lebanon Valley College    B.S.            1959  (Chem/Math)

University of Delaware     Ph.D.          1963  (Org. Chem)

Princeton University         Fellow        1964  (Medicinal Chem)

Lebanon Valley College    D.Sc.(hon)  1985

Albright College              D.Sc.(hon)  1993



Instructor, University of Delaware, l962‑63; Visiting NSF Fellow, Princeton University, l963‑64;

Assistant Professor, Ohio Univ., l965;  Assistant Professor, Marshall Univ., l964‑66.

Assistant to Associate to Full Professor of Chemistry, Lehigh Univ., l966‑l973; H. S. Bunn Chair Professor, Lehigh Univ., l976‑; Director, Center for Health Sciences, 1980-1987.

Visiting Professor of Radiation Oncology, Drexel University/Hahnemann Hospital, l971‑ 2006 



B.S. cum laude; Robinson Award (l969); Briody Award (l978); Who's Who in America; Brady Cancer Research Award (l989); Distinguished  Alumnus Award-Lebanon Valley College (1983); Lehigh Valley ACS Service Award (1994); Mosher Award for Contributions to Chemistry (1996); The Henry Hill Award for Achievements in Medicinal Chemistry (1997); The Ben Franklin Partnership Award for Corporate Assistance (2002); Honorary Doctorates, 1985 [Lebanon Valley College] and 1993 [Albright College]. Hillman Award (2011).